Hello dear friends
I am introducing and sharing the new website, www.surulu.com, pimped, updated and with a more personal, warm and beachy touch, where you will find sections that I will progressively refresh with some experiences, work, goals and objectives in animation.

Some of these sections remain the same but with new content; recent illustrations, character design and animation for which you will find shortfilms and samples that you can share directly or through the youtube channel where you can also comment or suggest if you like. In the gallery I will share pics of events where Surulú participated, of people we meet or of a common day of work in some project.

Something very important is the release of the blog, as through this feature I want to approach and interact with you people; read and being read. I want to put a special focus on the Projects section, where I will be sharing projects in development, where ideas will be exposed in order to let you know about them and see if there´s a way you can or want to contribute to the cause by doing whatever you feel like.

I hope this platform works as a bridge to reach people sharing love for animation and may the right channels be opened to keep on playing, conceptualizing, developing, producing more and new animation projects.


A little bit about me

I was born in Mexico City in 1975, studied Graphic Design in my hometown, and Classical Animation at Vancouver Film School in Canada. Since early childhood, I was interested in animation and I´ve worked in the industry since 1997 for various studios and publicity agencies developing TV, web and movie projects.
Surulú was created as a playground aiming to reach people interested in playing in the animation, illustration and character development field.